Car Dealership


Project Details:

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The opportunity granted to us for Snyder Motors was exceptional. We had full freedom to create an expression of architecture to support the mission of the company. They provide high quality used cars and automotive service. Using branding ques, and responding to context is important in iconic architecture. Folding out of an environment of fields along a major highway, the architecture draws attention to the fleet of vehicles for sale.

Our team supplied owner support providing a cohesive design approach. This was the dealerships first venture into owning their own building, and our services delivered an impactful building for branding and transcending their current sales model.



Location: Bozeman, MT
Type: Commercial

Program: Dealership
Year: 2019

Status: Complete
Size: 8000 Square Feet


STE Structural Engineering
C & H Civil Engineers

Design Team:
Cole Robertson - Principal Architect
STE Engineering - Structural
C and H - Civil



Project Gallery:

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