Foxtail Insert House (Starter Home)


Project Details:

Foxtail insert house

The Foxtail Insert House is an adaptation of its site by announcing a marriage of craftsman style construction with simple agricultural vernacular. Simply, the farm massing meets craftsman detail.  The child of these two styles is a playful modern home that will be true to the existing high design of immediate neighbors.

Responding to the mission of Cattail Creek Design Regulations:

The home avoids duplication, while maintaining a strong connection to its contemporary neighbors in scale, proportion, and material finishes.  The Insert House starts with a simple gable shape finished with metal which is then interjected, and grounded, with craftsman style. Like fingers playfully pushing, pulling, and popping the simple metal volume into shape they create a bay window to the East, space for stairs to the North, and side porches to the South. The pieces of craftsmen style are carefully placed in a composition granting individuality to the home while being honest with the surrounding context.  Using the two styles together creates a recognizable home with modern flare.



Location: Bozeman, MT
Type: Residential

Program: Single Family Residence
Year: 2014

Status: Owner-Occupied
Size: 1800 Square Feet


Larry Johnson - Structural Engineering

Design Team:
Cole Robertson - Principal Architect



Project Gallery:

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