Fresh Architectural Design

Born in Montana

Plum Design Lab was founded in 2014 by Cole Robertson, who was born and raised in the hardworking, nose-to-the-grindstone, town of Laurel, Montana. From a young age, Cole was inspired by the steel, millwork, glass, and gables that inform iconic western design. An interest in how these materials could interact with the landscapes of the West led him to Montana State University, where he received a master's in architecture.

This background forms the foundation of everything we do at Plum, providing clients with raw, clean, and modern perspectives that are inspired by - and speak to - Montana’s past. Some might call it Montana Modern; we prefer to call it fresh-squeezed and innovative architectural design which is driven by the people and materials of the last best place.

When you work with the team at Plum Design Lab, expect to become part of the creative process. Roll up your sleeves and bring a pencil, as we have created a collaborative design environment where clients and builders can have their vision expressed in every wall, and every joint, of the finished build.

Our tight-knit team does things right, honest, and thoughtful - and we do them darn well.


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